Welcome to my shop – Todd Beck

Just thought I would share some of my latest forays in the land of woodturning.

 After turning lots of bowls and burning them with various designs I decided to try boxes.

 Obviously boxes come in two pieces, the box proper and the lid.  There are several ways of fitting the lid to the box.  Some, like a pill box, need a tight, piston type lid that “pops” when removed.  Generally this lid is appreciated more by other turners than by prospective customers and requires a steady hand, good eye and a not a little luck.  It can all go wrong in making that “last cut”.

 Buyers usually want a box they can operate with one hand.  This requires a loose, not sloppy, but loose enough to be opened with the box sitting on the table or shelf. This lid also requires a good share of skill and patience.

Then we come to the lid I have recently tackled…The THREADED LID!  This one requires the usual turning skills and patience, but also either the added skill of chasing threads by hand or the use of a threading jig. I know myself well enough to realize I am never going to commit to the time and effort to become proficient at chasing threads by hand.  I admire anyone who can chase threads, but it is not for me.

That means using a threading jig.  The few that are available  are quite expensive…at least $300 and up. Not willing to spend so much money on what might turn out to be a one time exercise I had nearly given up on the idea when I happened to run into a youtube video on www.aswoodturns.com. Starting with that video I began building my own threading jig. My friend and fellow turner Bruce says I have become obsessed with the project.  He may be right but, I’m having fun developing the jig and cutting threads.

I will bring some of my efforts to the August 10 meeting along with some pictures of the jig.  Some of you may be interested in building a jig of your own.  Let’s see what develops.

Thanks, Todd

Author: spaltyrotpunk

A southwest Michigan association for woodturners of all levels. As a member of the American Association of Woodturners, the club promotes education through classes and demonstrations for beginning and advanced woodturners.

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