Tools and Wood

Welcome to the Tools and Wood page!

The Tools and Wood page is an area where members can offer wood, tools and other items for other members to get through a donation to the club. All proceeds will be used as a donation to the lathe fund for WMWT. You do not have to be a member to obtain items. Due to the registration of the club as a social organization with the IRS, donations do not qualify as charitable contributions.

Items are offered “as is” and the club does not assume any liability for any items.

Donations can be made by either check or through Paypal. Please make checks out to West Michigan Woodturners and mail them to the treasurer, Peter Keith, 2516 Lakeshore Drive, Fennville, MI 49408. The Paypal address is

If you are interested in acquiring an item at the suggested minimum donation (or more) please contact Peter Keith ( to check on availability and arrange for a suitable time to pick items up.


Craftsman plunge router. In good running condition. Suggested minimum donation – $25

Dado set – never used. Suggested minimum donation – $40

WoodRiver – Dust Connection Universal Dust Collection Boom. Used for about 2 hours total. Like new condition in original box. Suggested minimum donation $50

Info from Woodcraft’s website:

Efficient dust collection begins with capturing dust and debris at the source. Sturdy mounting flange makes it easy to attach Universal Boom Arm to a floor base, clamp it to your workbench, or mount to the wall or ceiling. Articulated segments allow you to position the included dust hood where it will be most effective. A horizontal arm pivots radially and axially about the adjustable height vertical arm then connects to an adjustable length extension arm that also adjusts on angle from straight inline to inward toward the vertical arm. In addition to positioning the dust hood, the boom arm provides a convenient means to keep your hose out of the way while you are working. Dust collection hose sold separately. 


Mount to floor, workbench, wall or ceiling 

Height adjustable from 27″ to 43″ 27″ long horizontal arm pivots 360 degrees 

Angular extension arm adjustable from 20″ to 32″ 4″ x 10″ rectangular dust hood with 4″ port.

 Nova chuck adaptor that will fit on a shopsmith 5/8 shaft spindle Suggested minimum donation $10

Lot 1: Two pounds deer and elk antlers. Suggested minimum donation:$35

Lot 2: Two pounds deer and elk antlers. Suggested minimum donation: $35

New 3″ Beall bowl buffs and 1 straight bowl buff (manufacturer unknown). Suggested minimal donation: $35

Four 8″ buffing wheels. Two are linen, two are cotton. Suggested minimum donation $32

Yo-yo kits with centers and appropriate mandrel. Suggested minimum donation $12

Assorted bottle stopper sets and parts. Suggested minimum donation $30

Four throw top points with instructions. Suggested minimum donation $4.

Ambrosia Maple platter stock #1, 15x16x4″ thick  Suggested minimum donation $20

Ambrosia Maple platter stock #2, 16x18x4″ thick  Suggested minimum donation $20

Cherry outer section #3: 18x19x4″ thick. For platters & shallow bowls. Suggested minimum donation $20

Cherry outer section #4: 18x19x4″ thick.For platters & shallow bowls. Suggested minimum donation $20

Poplar section #5: 12″ diameter x 15″,Ends sealed with anchor seal. Suggested minimum donation $20

American Chestnut #6: Michigan grown. 9″ diameter x 15″. Suggested minimum donation $25

Fresh cut White Birch Section #7: 9″ diameter x 12″. Suggested minimum donation $20

Mulberry bowl blank #8: 15″x15″x6″, sealed with anchor seal. Suggested minimum donation $25

Honey Locust: various sizes. Come raid Bruce’s wood pile and make a donation to the club. This is fresh cut (3/2021)and very solid.  Contact Bruce at  Suggested minimum donations $15 – $35