Classes and workshops

On occasion due to scheduling issues or weather events we may have to delay or cancel meetings or workshops. Notification of cancellation will be sent by e-mail at least two hours before the event.  Please check your e-mail for possible changes or cancellations prior to leaving for meetings or workshops especially during bad weather. As always you are the best judge of road conditions for your safe travel and are responsible for determining what is best for you.


The club periodically offers an introductory, 5 day woodturning class that is taught by an experienced club member. The class covers the basics of woodturning focusing on using traditional steel tools. Topics include basic shop and woodturning safety as well as sharpening of tools, proper tool use and some design considerations. At the end of the class participants will be able to turn face grain forms such as bowls, and long grain forms such as spindles and furniture parts. Class size is typically limited to 4 students which provides a great experience to interact with instructors on a one-on-one basis.

Beginning woodturning classes are postponed at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new class will be held when the situation is appropriate. Information will be posted on the website when it becomes available.

The workshop is for folks that are new to woodturning, and, the person that has been turning wood and wants to learn how to achieve better tool control, reduce “catches” and become a “safe Woodturner. Fundamentals of Woodturning Workshop is a Woodturning Tools & Techniques skill base learning workshop focused on traditional steel tool usage, tool control and SAFETY while operating a lathe. Time permitting we will discuss the use of Carbide tools for woodturning.

You will take home some useful objects to include bowls, a tray, a carvers mallet, bench mallet depending on your productivity. Most importantly the real take away is the knowledge to produce most any turning.

**For safety reasons be prepared to wear short sleeve shirts while operating the lathes**

Things covered in Foundations of Turning Workshop are:
  •     Lathe operation, selection and tuning.
  •     Sharpening and conditioning of all your turning tools.
  •     Spindle tuning of common objects ranging from knobs to table and chair legs.
  •     Wood selection, preparation and the use of green wood to turn bowls.
  •     Turning of bowls from green and seasoned wood.
  •     Faceplate turning of flat surfaces such as making of a serving tray.
  •     Chucking methods from shop built to commercial chucks
  •     Sanding and finishing

You do a lot of turning in this week. You have time to really practice newly learned skills thereby having them become habit. You leave with some nice projects to wow the folks at home, but most importantly you will be able to tackle spindle and furniture parts and to turn bowls that will please all.

Tool List:Lunch for each day! and your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. There will be plenty of water, coffee and tea available all day.1. Face shield.1. Parting tool, sometimes called a cutoff tool.1. Spindle roughing gouge, 3/4” to 1-1/4”, the bigger the better1. Spindle Detail Gouge 1/2”. Size is not critical. I use a 5/16” myself1. Bowl Gouge, 1/2”.1. 1/2” scraper, square, This will be reground to be a very useful tool for making jam chucks or dovetails for your chucks.1. 1/2” scraper, round nose1. 1-1/2”round nose scraper, *Note, this tool is optional but VERY USEFUL for face plate turning such as bowls you will be glad you own one.1. Sandpaper, sheet of each grit 100 up to 220 grit will be fine. We don’t do a lot of sanding since we will be using mostly wet wood.1. Dust mask or respirator Nice to have:1. Skew Chisel, 1” or wider.1. Calipers, 4” to 6”1. Dividers, 4” to 6”1. Pencil.1. ruler, 12” steel or folding. (not a tape measure)1. Notebook and pencil1. 1/4” Bowl gouge

For more information on the class please download the file below or go to this link.

Garage Groups

Garage groups are informal gatherings of members at a member’s shop to discuss wood turning and turn some wood. Members are welcome to join a group or start their own.


In addition to the monthly demonstrations the club periodically arranges for internationally recognized experts in the field of woodturning to offer a workshop that is offered to club members for an additional fee. Typically class sizes are small to provide a more one-on-one experience than would be found at many woodturning schools.

Workshops attendance is offered first to members and if the class does not fill is then opened to the public.

Workshop fees: variable dependent on the number of seats available.

Scheduled Workshops

Alan Lacer hook tool work shop

The Alan Lacer workshop has been canceled for October 7-9, 2020 and will hopefully be rescheduled when in person classes become safer.