June 2022

Brian Newton – Casting Resin Blanks

Our June 2022 club meeting will have a demonstration by Brian Newton. He is planning to show us how to cast resin blanks. He will make a couple of pen blanks in a pressure pot. While these blanks are “cooking”, he’ll discuss other resins and the use of epoxy in resin work. Safety is a big issue when using pressure pots and Brian will spend time addressing safety issues. He will also cover dyes, mica powers and mold release agents. Brian routinely attended local craft shows selling his pen, bottle stopper and other blanks. He will have various resin and resin-wood hybrid blanks and other casting supplies available for purchase.

Author: spaltyrotpunk

A southwest Michigan association for woodturners of all levels. As a member of the American Association of Woodturners, the club promotes education through classes and demonstrations for beginning and advanced woodturners.

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